Body posture

(2.00 mins; p50)

In this audio, we guide you through a practice of using body posture to create safeness and groundedness.

Soothing breathing rhythm

(2.53 mins; p53)

In this audio, we guide you in slowing down your breathing rhythm, whilst paying attention to sensations of slowing down in your body. Breathing practices can bring feelings of calmness and groundedness, which can be helpful for steadying and anchoring yourself when dealing with strong threat-based emotions.

Facial expression and voice tone

(4.09 mins; p54)

In this audio, we practice facial expressions and voice tones that are associated with compassionate intentions and motives. Sometimes our self-monitoring can have an emotional tone that is quite critical or patronising, with the consequence of activating our threat system. We can practice shifting to self-monitoring that has a more friendly, warm, supportive tone.

My calm place

(3.36 mins; p56)

In this audio, we use imagery to guide you towards creating your own unique calm place (connecting with different senses – what you can see, hear, smell, feel etc). We will also get a sense of your relationship with this place.

Your Compassionate Self (imagery)

(5.01 mins; p68)

This exercise uses imagery techniques to help you develop your Compassionate Self and learn to connect with its qualities.

Your Compassionate Self (embodiment)

(2.47 mins; p69)

This exercise uses acting techniques to help you step into the shoes of your Compassionate Self and learn to connect with its qualities.

Your ideal Compassionate Other supporting your Compassionate Self

(3.35 mins; p74)

In this exercise, we will support you to connect your Compassionate Other with your Compassionate Self to help develop its qualities of strength, wisdom, and caring-commitment.

Compassionate Self-to-self using imagery

(6.45 mins; p103)

In this exercise, we will guide you through the process of getting into your Compassionate Self, then suggest ways of using imagery to create a meeting between your Compassionate Self and your day-to-day self.

Compassionate engagement with a voice using imagery

(6.09 mins; p139)

In this exercise, we will be guiding you through the use of imagery to set up a meeting between one of your voices and your Compassionate Self.