Compassion for Voices: a tale of courage and hope

(5.12 mins; p126)

This video charts the story of Stuart, from being tormented by his voices, through establishing safeness, to developing the qualities needed to relate to them with compassion*

*For more information about this film, including information, photos and videos of how it was made, please visit the dedicated webpage here.

Developing a Compassionate Mind

(4.10 mins, p32)

In this video, we are introduced to ‘tricky brains’, ‘multiple selves’, and the role of compassion in helping to resolve conflicts between different parts of us

Engaging with Voices playlist

(15 videos of 3-15 mins; p138)

In this playlist, Charlie, Elisabeth and Rufus provide demonstrations of different stages of compassonate relating to voices

The Voices in my Head

(14.04 mins; p12)

In this TED talk, Eleanor tells her personal story of voice-hearing and how she learned to develop a compassionate understanding and relationship with them