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Check-in boxpxiii
How are your three circles balanced in each of these situations?p17
Body posturep50Audio page
Soothing breathing rhythmp53Audio page
Facial expression and voice tonep54Audio page
My calm placep56Audio page
My safety and safeness kitp61
A profile of your Compassionate Selfp65
Your Compassionate Self (imagery)p68Audio page
Your Compassionate Self (embodiment)p69Audio page
A profile of your ideal Compassionate Otherp72
Your ideal Compassionate Other supporting your Compassionate Selfp74Audio page
My Compassionate Mind Training planp77
Bringing your Compassionate Self to your multiple selvesp95
Making a compassionate flashcardp101
Compassionate Self-to-self using imageryp103Audio page
Exploring your voices and their possible functionp122
Are any of Stuart’s experiences relevant to your own?p127
Mapping relationships between partsp129
Compassionate engagement with a voice using imageryp139Audio page
Writing a compassionate letter to a voicep142
Compassionate responses to your voices (with identified function)p150
Compassionate responses (where there is no identified function)p151